The fiery call of the sea…

It has only been a week but that is too long not to get back in the water.  A whole weekend lost.  Watching basketball on Sunday night, waiting to hit-the-hay only to wake to the beginning of another week of work.

I don’t mind my work – I love it.  However, when I work – I work, 100%.  When the weekend comes, I dive – or I try to better my diving, study, work, plan, 100%.  On Sunday night I am saying goodbye to diving for a week.  Well, I may slip a little in during the evenings.

Can we ever be under water enough, no.  The longer we are out the less human we feel.  Diving is our time to live, fly, be.  When we don’t have it we want it.  When we are in it we count down the air we have to breath.

Today I went to IKEA and realized that I need some furniture more than dive gear.  Really?  Now Breaking Bad season finale is about to begin.  Back to work.


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