First Four at the Dent

Four students. Class of 15 and I taught four. Perfect.
Spending my weekend teaching people to scuba is awesome because I know what they are about to experience. Sure, there really isn’t much fun “learning” to scuba. The real excitement comes when you dive for fun. However, can a newly certified open water diver enjoy diving right after being certified?Class of Four
I remember going to Blue Springs for several weekends after getting certified just to get use to being underwater. Each weekend I would go down a little deeper – 30 feet, then 45 feet, and so on until I reached the sign at 65 feet telling me death was awaiting me if I ventured farther. After that I took the advanced class.
The advanced class helps with your buoyancy and navigation skills (two skills that can only be touched on in the open water course) and will take you down to over 60 feet deep with a certified instructor.
This is important because diving off a charter anywhere will nearly always put you in water at least 45 feet deep (exceptions would include the wreck of the Copenhagen and Molasses Reef) and very few don’t dive at deeper depths for one of their dives.
The open water certification only authorizes dives to 60 feet or less. Finding a dive charter to stay that shallow is difficult given all the sites in Florida that exceed that depth. The only solution for new divers is to practice, practice, practice and train. Being certified as an open water diver is not going to make diving enjoyable by itself. At least not in Florida. Only by raising your comfort level by practicing your skills, receiving additional training, and diving regularly will the newly certified diver be able to completely enjoy all their diving experiences.
Being advanced open water certified opens many more areas to dive and gives newly certified divers addition time learning with an instructor.


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