Enter, the Dragoon

Congo faced the bar tender with a stone cold stare.  There was no emotion.  The bar tender didn’t move, like a wildebeest the very second it first notices the crouching lion.  His comment was meant to be humorous.  Congo did not think so.  The silent, motionless, seconds seemed to pass as minutes.  The uncomfortableness hung over everyone like a heavy quilt.  Mitch broke the silence.

“Hey, um, Congo – Joe didn’t mean nothing.”  Congo began moving as Mitch began talking.  Congo walked right up to the gabbing, slowly retreating, Mitch.  In a move that cannot be described anymore than Prince’s symbolic name could be pronounced, Congo placed Mitch in a sleeper hold and then let him drop to the floor. The maneuverer was as beautiful as it was scary.  Others went to Mitch’s aid as Congo walked back to the bar to stare at Joe, the bar-tender.

“Congo, I’m, ah, ‘m sorry man.  I didn’t mean nothin’.”  In a flash Congo reached across the bar and pulled Joe to his side.  Glasses in the way broke as they hit the floor.  Joe held his hands in front of his face to try and ward off any strikes.

Everyone started to speak at once now.  The feeling was that things were now getting out of hand.

Skippy yelled, “Congo stop!”

Bozo stammered “Let him go or by God I’m callin’ da police!” then mumbled something like “this is crazy.”

A group known as the Lollipop Kids simultaneously shouted “Let him go!”

Congo held the defenseless Joe by the scruff of his neck.  “Me no like you, Joe.”  Then he put him in a sleeper hold just like he did with Mitch and Joe listlessly hit the floor.  Congo, head down looking at no one walked pass the crowd as the crowd made way.  He exited the bar and headed towards the dormitories.  The crowd seemed to relax.  Mitch and Joe jumped up and laughed.  A man with a block board snapped it shut yelling “cut!”

The director said that’s a wrap, looked at his associate and said “That’s all for today.” Then looked at all the little people and said “It’s a wrap for today!  All I want to see is midget asses scrambling out of here!”  The little people patted each other on the back as they made there way out, talking softly to each other.  The director looked back at the camera guy, rubbing his back and removing the knee pads he needed for the filming.  Then he said under his breath, “This movie just may be worth it.”


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