End of Year Message….

Florida Labor Day Weekend Dive Trip

Happy Holidays for All and a very Happy New Year!!

My pledges for 2011 are a reflection of the year that has past.  In 2010, I did not book a dive vacation.  A year wasted in that regard.  Instead I did become a certified instructor.  That is probably a good balance to the lack of travel but it sure doesn’t feel like it.  I also started my tec training.  If anyone knows me they know that I am not one to rush training.  I like to go through and actually retain what I have been taught – to KNOW.  I started tec training in January.  PADI has split up its tec course into three, what I call – deep air – phases.  I finished the first part – max depth 130 feet – in February.  The second part was completed on July 4th, maximum depth 145 feet.  The last part should be done this Spring with maximum depth at 165 feet.

That’s all good and well but I need more than training dives.  I like training dives but diving off Little Cayman or Curacao is much better.  I have not dove (excluding snorkeling in 2004) in the Bay Islands, BVI, and never in Grenada, Belize, or any other Caribbean Islands.  I have a list and on top of that list are Honduras Bay Islands, St. Lucia, and British Virgin Islands (on the Cuan Law).  And by-God, I’m gonna do one of those this up coming year!

Something else that we accomplished this year was starting the Deco Chamber (decochamber@gmail.com, http://decochamber.blogspot.com/, Deco Chamber on Facebook,  @decochamber on Twitter, and soon to be Podcasts which is the actual goal).  The Deco Chamber is a collaboration of four diving buddies that all happen to be instructors and all happen to be into tec diving (some of us are still in the critical learning phase).  This by far is the best accomplishment of 2010.  Even though we have yet to publish our first podcast, which is the main goal of the Deco Chamber, we are very close and we are all very optimistic that we can produce a product for the scuba enthusiast.

My pledge for 2011 is to dive more (that is an annual pledge), do a week vacation somewhere (diving, of course), buy a dry suit and become proficient in its use before next winter (this is the reason for the delay in my current training), and get the Deco Chamber Podcasting in full swing.  If I can do these things I will be happy.  In between I will be diving off Florida’s east coast and the wrecks off the Florida Keys.

Well, a new year is fast approaching.  This ends my last post of 2010 – it has been a great year and I look forward to the adventures of 2011.  May all of your’s be fantastic!



2 thoughts on “End of Year Message….

    1. Leslie, I would call ahead to Little Cayman Beach Resort. The best diving is definitely there on Little Cayman (Bloody Bay Wall) but there is the wreck of the Capt Keith Tibbetts off of Cayman Brac. The resort on Little Cayman does a dive on that wreck usually once a week if they have enough people.

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