A New Spring – Days are Getting Longer!

An enlargeable satellite image of Grand Cayman...
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Well, it has been a long time since my last post.  I have been putting my efforts towards my new diving adventure called The Deco Chamber.  This is a collaborative effort between me and three friends, all instructors, trying to bring the bliss of diving to others.  You can follow The Deco Chamber on Facebook, on Blogspot, and on Twitter @decochamber.  We have completed two Podcasts and we are currently editing our third.  The Podcasts can be found on iTunes.

The Podcasts are a stream of consciousness type with experiences shared and some reviews.  We try not to be too stuffy and a good friend of mine has allowed us to use his music.  We hope it gathers a following as we stumble through the beginning phases.

Other than that I have helped out at The Dive Station teaching Open Water classes.  This weekend I will be doing the first two dives for my PADI TEC 50 certification.  I have made plans to dive Grand Cayman in September – that will be a blast.  New wreck of the Kittiwake – hope to have plenty of pictures.

Stay wet everyone and connect to The Deco Chamber!!!


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