Sherwood Wisdom 2 Clean-up

My trusty Sherwood (air-integrated) Wisdom 2 dive computer had a o-ring replacement recently and as we completed

Disassembled Wisdom 2

the inspection we also found a hose leak, necessitating a replacement hose. While waiting for the hose I decided to do a clean-up on my, now, disassembled computer set up.

The first thing you should take from this is the idea that your equipment can be disassembled and cleaned and, in fact,

should be done if regular annual maintenance is not done.  Note: I am not telling you to disassemble the computer itself. However, becoming comfortable with your equipment will – WILL make you a better diver.

I am also aware that Sherwood is getting ready to introduce the Wisdom 3.  If it is as good a computer as the 2 it will be a nice addition.  The Wisdom 2 is a recreational dive computer (single gas) with nitrox capabilities.  It also has an excellent software computer interface.

The first thing to do is set out all the parts in a manner that let’s you mentally see how it all goes back together.  If you have been diving with your computer a while you will notice that a

Cleaning the remaining debris.

lot of sand and debris has accumulated inside the rubberized housing.  Simply rinse the sand away.  Some of the sand may have stuck itself to the rubber molding.  This you you have to scrub off.  I soaked all the parts in fresh water over night and then rinsed them.  Using a paper towel I removed the remaining debris.

There are some places where the dirt seems to not want to leave.  Now is the time to

Debris in housing.

thoroughly clean it so don’t skimp here.  If you have been in the military you have already learned that there is no hiding places for dirt.  Besides, this is your equipment, take the time and pride to keep it in tip top shape.

One of the areas where debris seems to attach itself is the inside portion of the rubber

computer case molding where the reset button is located.  For some reason rinsing this will not do the trick.  I used a q-tip to get into the small crevices.  This area is important to clean because of its proximity to the reset button and the concern that debris could make resetting impossible while in between dives (or without a complete breakdown and cleaning).

Salt water corrosion.

The next thing I noticed was that one of the screws that held the compass housing to the computer housing was showing that tell-tale greenish sign of salt water corrosion.  This is something you will notice on a lot on various pieces of your equipment.  The cure is simple – scrapping it off.  For this I use a brass bristle brush that is about the size of a toothbrush (these can be found at most hardware stores).  Use the brush to remove the corrosion.  Hopefully,

Cleaned screw.

the corrosive effects of salt water have not done too much damage and removal reveals an almost-like new piece of equipment.

Once cleaned up I will put a little bit of silicone grease around the threads of the screws.  This helps protect the piece from future corrosion – at least for a while (until you break it down and clean it again).  If left as is the salt water will eat away at the metal until it barely recognizable.  The silicone will protect the metal and also lubricate the screw (and seal it to some extent).

Grease the screw.

Once the screws are cleaned it is time to put the system all back together.  The first thing that needs to be done is putting the rubberized housing back around the computer.  This is easily accomplished.  Insert the hose connect portion of the computer into the housing first.  Once inserted, pull the remaining housing around the computer until it is back in place.

This is a good time to reflect.  The piece you just put into the rubberized housing is the computer you are relying on to tell you all those things you have been trained on – air supply,

Quick release end first.

depth, temperature – and, for the Wisdom 2, a log of your dive.  Kept in proper order this computer (as with many others) can make recreational diving less stressful and more enjoyable.  But, if you neglect your equipment the dangers are numerous.

Now we can put the compass housing on the computer housing.

Compass housing.

The compass on the Wisdom 2 is a mechanical compass.  I prefer this.  I have an In2ition Trio that has a digital compass that makes a decent back up but I would never rely (at this point in our technology) on such a direction finder. I have the mechanical compass that comes with the Wisdom 2 (and also available on the Wisdom 3) and I have a wrist mounted mechanical compass for those times, such as now, when I am without the

Placement of the butterfly, note the corrosion that I removed before final assembly.

Wisdom 2.

Connecting the compass housing to the computer housing first requires the proper placement of the butterfly support.  This is the backbone of the connection.  Make sure it is placed right-side up. This is fairly easy because placing it wrong is an obvious misfit.

Compass housing aligned.

Next, align the compass housing (sans compass) so that the screw posts line up with the post openings.  Once aligned place the plastic “bite” over the screw posts.  Again, there is a correct and incorrect position for the plastic “bite” and the incorrect position is obvious.  Everything on this computer is easy.  If the fit seems difficult it is probably wrong.

These screws have hexagon heads.  Make sure you have the specific tool to screw these items in place.  Using the wrong tip can cause stripping or cross-threading –

The “bite” properly placed.

neither is a very good thing.

Remember to apply the silicone grease to the threads of the screws before inserting them into the screw posts.

Hexagon screw heads.

Once the compass housing is properly attached to the computer housing, all that is left to do is align the compass, insert it in the housing, and the reassembly is complete.  Now the computer is back to operating status, and cleaned.  The break down of the Wisdom 2 is the exact opposite that I have just described above.  Begin with removing the compass from its housing and all else follows fairly easily.  How often you need to do this depends on how

Align compass.

often you dive and the length of the diving season where you live.  Here in Florida the dive season only runs for twelve months.

The Sherwood Wisdom 3 does not look like it is available yet.  Sherwood’s website is also a bit lack-luster.  It seems Sherwood operates on a brick and mortar retail model and therefore we will have to wait until the new model arrives in dive shops and for its review in the scuba magazines.

I have owned my Wisdom 2 for over 264 dives.  The only thing that has failed or needed replaced are the o-rings and the hose.  I expect to dive with it for another 250 dives once I get my replacement hose.  I may skip the Wisdom 3 because the 4 may be out by the time I need a


new rec computer but if you are shopping for a good air-integrated recreational computer don’t overlook this series.

Story byDirga Diver. Follow him on Twitter @DirgaDiver.


2 thoughts on “Sherwood Wisdom 2 Clean-up

  1. Great post. We get our equipment serviced regularly. Considering the price of scuba equipment these days, it’s always in our best interest to make sure our investment lasts as long as possible! Happy diving!

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