What It Is All About

I Learned To Dive

I love SCUBA. I got certified and then kept getting trained until I became an instructor. I’m certified to dive on trimix to 200 feet. I have more equipment than I know what to do with. I started this blog (first called ‘Tales of an Imperfect Diver’) and a website (http://thedecochamber.com). I travel at least once a year for a dive vacation. I have to be under the water periodically or I find myself in a funk. I started diving late in life and I had to know what this is all about?

I Learned To Wonder

When I dive I become detached from the rest of the world. A certain peace prevails. Life seems richer. What is this all about?

I don’t think I know the answer to it. As I wrote the question I believed I could answer it. However, there are no words that come to mind as I try to answer the question. What is it all about? Maybe that is too big of a question – better left for a philosophy exam somewhere. What is it all about… it’s haunting in its scale. Yet each night it is often the last thought flittering through my mind before darkness gives way to dreams.

I’m Still Learning

I’m sure I’m not unique. I am positive this thought has passed through many minds and the struggle with the answer has ensued. And I am positive that those who think they know are wrong, that the simple answer is a hole to hide in to escape the question. I’m pretty sure there are a few who are afraid of the answer. Yet, it remains.

I’m drawn to the ocean and I don’t pretend that this is some mystical epiphany that has great significance. It surely does not. I’m just a person that likes to scuba dive and that activity has caused me to think. To think on a grandeur scale. To ask a much bigger question that exists beyond the ocean – to wonder.

I May Never Know

And I will continue to dive. I will continue to laugh and have fun. And be confounded by what I find in the ocean. Things that swim, things that walk, things that do neither. All the life I find in the sea, all the amazing puzzling things, will always beg the question that I will continue to ride into my dreams.

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