2015 Is Upon Us

NetLog1I never like new years eve. To me it just means another year is gone and I know I have not done enough to have earned it. If I think of good years I look back to many – 2012 was the Saba trip. That was a great time. Then 2013 was a spectacular year with trips to St. Croix, Alaska, and Grand Cayman.

But every time New Years Eve arrives I’m left thinking about what I still want to do. So this year I want to make a list.

A List That Everyone Should Make

What is it that I want to accomplish this next year? Should be like any other list we make in our lives. Just a list filled with check boxes. A year long to-do list. So grab a piece of paper and a pencil and make your list (‘ll make mine).

No List No Goals = Wasted Year

If you don’t make this list and just go one with the excuses you will be right back here wondering where 2015 went. Like Nike always says “just do it.”

It does not have to be long or extravagant. It can be silly, serious or neither. There has to be many things that you want to do before you die so just right them down. Not all of them – that can be another list (see Bucket List). Just the ones you have decided to get done this year coming up.

Order Is Disorder Put In Order

Now take the things you want done this next year and put them in some kind of order that makes sense. Don’t put snow skiing in the middle. The middle of the year is Summer and that does not make sense. Order your list. Don’t stop until your list is in the order you want it to be (see you have all the control).

Focus On One Item At A Time

Now take your ordered list and focus on the first item. Start planning on doing it. Don’t just look at it. Open your computer, search for it, check prices. You will be amazed that just a little effort will get the ball rolling.

Past One On To The Next

You will be so happy once you have gotten that first thing done. Now you will be even more motivated on the next item. Start the process. Open your computer. Or rearrange your list. You may want to do the third item before the second. Not a problem. Just don’t stop.

Get Done Early, Add To The List

For those who can get their list done before the end of the year they get a bonus. Now they get to do more! Wow, imagine how you will feel next New Years Eve!

Just Don’t Stop (or Worry)

Create your list and get snapping! Don’t wait for life to pass you by (or the year 2015). Life is meant to be lived and living is not defined as working till retirement. Have fun. Do what you like. Don’t worry or be constrained by others.

Now, if you don’t mind I’m going to go write my 2015 to-do list. Happy Holidays!!


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