SCUBA stands for “no wimps.”

I am a former soldier and currently a lawyer.  I have been scuba diving since 2007.  I fell in love with scuba diving after a Labor Day weekend  dive trip to the Florida Keys.  What has drawn me to it even more is the adventure, the skill, the underwater world, and the camaraderie.

Since then I have continued to be involved in diving and have advanced to the Instructor level.  I have been to several island vacations – try to do at least one week long scuba vacation per year, and dive all over Florida throughout the year.  Every place I have dove I have met incredible people.  Divers are a unique crowd.  I have made very good friends with people I have met diving.  And all dive locations are paradise.

I dive out of Orlando, Florida.  My friends and I try to dive as often as possible.  As I do more I plan on writing more about it here.

Learn to dive and come join us.

PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor, TDI Extended Range and Trimix Diver

Our First Labor Day Trip to Key Largo
Our First Labor Day Trip to Key Largo, 2007.

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