My New Gear

This is where I will review my latest gear acquisitions.


F1 Fins by Hollis

I have been wanting some fins for TEC diving for a while and I had seen the F1 Fins by Hollis online.  I liked what they looked liked and the reviews were all good.  The Keith, owner of The Dive Station, told me he was ordering some.  I had seen some Hollis gear coming into the store, such as a sidemount BC (responding to Dive Rite‘s  Nomad) and some TEC regulators from Hollis, but the fins had been missing.

When Keith told me he had ordered some I told him I wanted a pair.  Fantastic!  A week went by and the fins were in and Jerry had planned a trip to Blue Grotto to make more adjustments on his sidemount set-up.  I tagged along to try out the fins.

First, I have to say these are the first fins I’ve had that have spring straps.  I can say that my other fins will be the last without spring straps.  The fins went on very easy.  On the surface their power was already evident.  I could push my way around with ease.  Underwater, they were less flexible than my other fins but with no noticeable ankle strain.  They powered well with all variations of kicks.  These are by far my favorite fins.


NiTek Trio Dive Computer (purchased July 2, 2010):

I actually have the Zeagle N2ition 3 version. Same computer, different name. Learned more about my Original N2ition, which i have used mainly in gauge mode, while learning the 3. Very easy computer to learn and use. The N2ition 3 has a digital compass and shows a dive profile in the log view. It can be configured to use three different gases that can be switched underwater – this is very useful in the tec world.
However, don’t just think this is a tech computer. It is also an excellent nitrox computer for rec diving. The only draw back for newer divers is that it is not integrated with tank pressure.


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