Integrated weights are great.  I love them with REC BCs.  However, I find it difficult and, I fear, damaging to my BC to put the weights in the pockets before donning the BCD.  So I just put the back weights in and leave the pockets out.  When I gear up I can easily pick up the pockets and insert them into the clip (Note: some integrated weights require that they be installed before you don your BCD).

Well, Carl has kept telling me that he did not like that I waited to the last minute to put my weight pockets in.  I blew him off.  I knew what I was doing.  Then one dive – it happened.

There was a group of us and we were being put into the water at different locations.  I was with the group that Carl was in.  We dove first and as the boat began to leave and we each gave each other the dive signal I realized I had left my weights on board.

Needless to say it was quite embarrassing.  I still put my pockets in last because I do think it makes things easier and is easier on the equipment (and I refuse to take Carl’s advice).  But if you follow my advice just be prepared for the embarrassment.

Note: If you forget your weights Do Not try to dive without them.  You may get underwater but as the dive progresses you are likely to have difficulty maintaining depth and could rocket to the surface with all the associated consequences.


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